At Shoemonkies, we understand that


That's why we're dedicated to creating shoes that help you make the best impression on the people you meet. We believe that when you look your best, the world is your oyster.

That's why we started out in 2021 with one mission in mind - to make high quality formal shoes affordable. We wanted to make shoes one wears when one wants to be at their best without breaking their bank. To make that possible without compromising on quality, we got rid of the middleman. And by doing that, not only are we able to make crafted leather footwear affordable, we are also able to make our deliveries fast and seamless.

We chose the name 'SHOEMONKIES' because of

The adventurous spirit
the brand embodies.

Our Mission

To make high quality
formal shoes affordable.

Our Vision

To make classic formal
leather shoes accessible
to every modern Indian man.